Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kairos of The Feminine Mystique

     Many women of the mid-20th century were dissatisfied with their everyday lives. During this time period, women were forced to be mentally, physically, financially, and intellectually submissive to men. During World War II, many women had the opportunity of taking over the mens' factory and more manual jobs that paid better, giving them a glimpse of what life could be like. However, after the war ended, the roles of their gender were again restricted to housework and taking care of the family. However, these women faced social pressures that idealized these roles and as a result, pressured them into not acknowledging their unhappiness.  Betty Friedan, the author of the The Feminine Mystique observed this general disillusion of the idealized housewife role in the late 1950s at a 15th year high school reunion. She began researching the problem, and after being denied publishing on many mediums, she complied her extensive findings into The Feminine Mystique, published in 1963. Many women identified with the issue addressed in The Feminine Mystique and were inspired to take action. Betty Friedan saw a prevalent issue in her current society, affecting women everywhere. Friedan's work was so successful because its timing was impeccable as it addressed a need in the rhetorical situation of her day. 

-Taylor Rezeppa


  1. I liked that you touched on the fact that women were not only perceived as physically submissive to men, but also intellectually submissive and financially dependent on them as well. I've heard of "The Feminine Mystique", however I don't know too much about it so the hyper link out to the article on it was very helpful, however I would like to know more about the author Betty Friedan, you should link out to her as well! I would also like to know how the book "The Feminine Mystique" may have impacted todays society, and why it matters now?

    Jessica Foster

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I added a hyperlink with a biography on Betty Friedan to provide more context.

      -Taylor Rezeppa

  2. I really liked your summary. It was very extensive and covered a lot of the background information related to "The Feminine Mystique". You wrote about how the author, Betty Friedan, faced troubles when trying to publish her work, but maybe you could write more information about other trials she personally faced as a woman.

    -Kyle Strouth